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19 april 2012

Online banking and internet payments : security a priority


The banks are continually increasing the security of payment systems and online banking sites. For online card payments in particular, the banks have brought strong authentication measures into general use. Their effectiveness is widely recognised by users : for 96 % of online purchasers, authentication techniques with a non-reusable code (a unique code sent by SMS, generated by a calculator) increase the security of online card payments(1). The banks have been equipping their card-holding customers with these security techniques since 2010. They also necessitate the involvement of shopkiipers, which are taking up these solutions in ever greater numbers, and the involvement of customers in order to activate the systems.

This confidence in the security of bank systems has accompanied the rapid expansion of internet banking use : 80 % of internet users consult their bank's site (75 % in 2010) and 43 % log on one or several times a week. Logging on to an online banking service is considered to be secure by 75 % of internet users (+4 points year-on-year)(2).


(1) Observatory for Payment Card Security, July 2011

(2) IFOP survey, June 2011

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