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18 may 2011

Success for the "assisted personal microcredits"

In accordance with the consumer credit reform, banks are required to provide information on their microcredit activity.


At end-September 2010, banks granted nearly 6,000 "assisted personal microcredits" (microcrédits personnels accompagnés), up 55% on the first nine months of 2009. This figure reflects a determined effort to develop this type of loan. In January 2010, the FBF set up a microcredit coordination team to work with the major banking networks and main social aid networks.

In addition, through its programme dubbed "Keys to Banking" (Les clés de la banque), the FBF is continuing to develop partnerships with associations that work with the most vulnerable populations. It has published a mini-guide to teach the general public more about assisted personal microcredits.

An "assisted personal microcredit" (microcredit personnel accompagné) is a small loan issued to individuals who find it difficult to obtain a conventional loan. Borrowers must be monitored by a social worker over the entire term of the loan.

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